Make your dream come true! Come to the Messi10 Challenge LaLiga and feel like Leo Messi. Try to score goals the way only he does, and show us how much you know about him. These and much more will be posible if you join the experience!


Leo will be late for a match and he needs your help… but before that you will have to go through some tests to show you are ready to replace him.


Will you be able to answer all questions? On this stage, to get the best seats you must answer a trivia and score as much points as you can.


You must go through three different contests that imply performing a Free Kick, do the "Nutmeg by Messi" and Head the ball into the goal. Will you be replacing Leo Messi? Show us what you can do!


Transport yourself to the middle of Camp Nou through a fantastic VR experience. There you will be able to contemplate and take pictures with Leo’s Golden balls and Golden Boots replicas.

Who can get access to the experience?
Every single person that has purchased a ticket for the show (Messi10 by Cirque du Soleil) has the right to get a ticket for Messi10 Challente La Liga.
Can you enter Messi10 Challente La Liga with the show ticket?
No, to be part of the Messi10 Challente La Liga experience you need to purchase a special ticket on Limited places.
Who can be part of the experience?
It’s an activity for the entire family. Under age guests must be accompanied by an adult member. Up to 2 adults can accompany an under age contestant, if they do not participate they are not asked to purchase a ticket.
How much time does Messi10 Challente La Liga lasts?
The whole experience is about 45 minutes long.
Is there an age limit?
The experience is recommended for people over 5 years old.
Is the experience the same for all contestants? Does it makes a difference depending on the age of the guest?
There are 3 difficulty levels and they will be established based on the age of contestants.
  • 5 to 8 yeas old
  • 9 to 12 years old
  • 12 yeas old onwards
The scoring system will difference the three levels but by the time of calculating final scores it will sum the three of them, there will be only one winner.
Is it necessary to bring sportswear?
It is advisable but not obligatory. Physical activities won't imply more than making contact with the ball and simple moves, for example kicking a free kick. Sport shoes are recommended, the experience will imply for example kicking a ball.
Will there be a place where to live personal belongings?
Yes, there will be one exclusive for Messi10 Challente La Liga guests.
Are there showers and locker rooms?
No, most of the experience implies just walking, the sportive part won’t demand physical wear. Restrooms will be available for guests.
Both left or right handed can be part of the experience?
Yes, the 3 sportive attractions will be adapted for left or right handed guests.